First of all I'm a Digital illustrator and 3d artist. GIMP in the actual
state is great. My job can be done in 2.4 easily (thanks for the Jitter,
scalable brushes and better zoom!). And I know that GEGL will be in the
future of GIMP and the interface already have great proposals (and
designers). So I decide to not propose these kind of features...

Ok, thats my feature request:

GIMP have a ease and very flexible way to create "animated brushes", with
features like "Random" and "Angular" (to create brushes that "rotates" as
you move in different angles). The thing is: If we have some of these
features in the Tools Options for brushes will be more fast and ease to use
the brushes that are not animated.

Some examples:

- The "Random" feature could be simple "rotating" (in its own axis) the
original brush in a random way. Just a simple check box for activate it,
maybe a intensity control how much is random.

- The "Angular" could also be activated using a Check Box. The angle of the
brush changing as you drawn in different directions, dynamically rotating
the brush. His "frequency" controlled by the "Space" option in the Brush

- Other features that are avaible only creating animated Brushes could be in
to. But these to are just great.

Other proposal for brushes are a option to control the Softness and
Sharpness of Brushes. Today you need to create another brush just to change
his "softness" (or hardness). Maybe a good alternative is to have in the
Tools Options a "Slider" if two ways to go:

If you move the slider to the Left the brush will be "Sharpened"... to the
Right will be Blurred. Here is a very ugly mockup:

Thats it and thanks for the hard work.

Filipe Soares Dilly
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