Hi Jon,

On Tue, 2007-10-30 at 17:10 -0700, Jon A. Cruz wrote:

> I know this is one thing we've been fighting with for quite some time
> with Inkscape. If someone is willing to look into it on the GIMP side
> of things, I would very much like to coordinate effort.

It would probably help if you could describe exactly what Inkscape is
doing, both from a user interface point of view and from the developer's
point of view.

I looked at the Inkscape code some time ago and implemented something
similar in GIMP (see
http://svenfoo.geekheim.de/index.php/2005-05-12/transient-docks/). It
doesn't work so well, but that is mainly due to the lack of a leader
window when no image is opened.

I suspect though that the approach of using transparent windows violates
too many assumptions made by the authors of window managers and it
certainly feels like an abuse. And it will almost certainly lead to
problems on other platforms where transient windows are either not
implemented at all or implemented with slightly different semantics.


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