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> Guillermo Espertino writes:
> > Tabs don't work for image manipulation because is frequent to compare
> > between two+ images or work with two views (one zoomed and the other at
> > 100%) . If we use tabs we have only one image open at a time and that's
> > mostly a problem for pros.
> Clearly it wouldn't be good to have tabs as the only way of using
> multiple images. But there are lots of cases for which one tabbed
> image window would be great. For instance, you're editing several
> images from your camera.

I completely agree. Though I love the SDI for most other purposes, I
have felt the need for such an optional tabbed window for images.

vote = vote + 1

There are flexible layout options for almost all dialogs. For almost
all dialogs you have these option:
    1)   Show it a seperate window.
    2)  "Snap" it under/over another dialog.
    3)  "Snap" it along another dialog as another tab.

You can also pull a tabbed dialog out and make it a window .. and I
can go on with more options currently possible for dialogs.

Now why not have these same options for Image windows? It is your
choice what you want to do. I nice feature as a side effect would be
"Open all images in directory in tabs". We can have as many "Image
container" dialogs as we want.

Other UI features I would love in 2.6:
 1. Save project / Open project.
 2. Side panel toolbar. - why not have the toolbar in the image window
like the mozilla's/konquerer's side panel.

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