On Friday 02 November 2007, Raphaël Quinet wrote:
> There are also some improvements for the JPEG plug-in.  As I mentioned
> some time ago, I would like to hide the current "quality" slider among
> the advanced options, and replace it by a smaller selection of
> pre-defined quality levels.  
Sorry to disagree, the precise selection of quality really is one of the many 
areas where I would not like any dumbing down of the interface. This would 
mean that each and every time I have to save an image as JPEG I would have to 
switch to the advanced options as every site I post my images to has 
stringent restrictions on file size - which are enforced by an automatic 
resampling (which is to be avoided at all cost due to a severe loss in 
quality) if I don't adhere to these limits! 
Having preset quality settings really is no option, it is a major annoyance in 
Photoshop new users I spoke to always are struggling with!
Karl Günter Wünsch
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