Chris Mohler wrote:
> Not sure if this is a bug or not.  Using 2.4.1 on ubuntu 7.10.
> 1. Create a new image
> 2. paint a couple of areas (just for reference)
> 3. select a painted area
> 4. float the selection
> 5. move it around
> 6. shift-T and scale it
> 7. try to move it again
> At step 7 I expect to be able to move the floating selection, but it
> won't budge.  Is this intended behavior or did I just miss a step?
> I'm going back to the manual, but this seems odd...


Works fine fore me. Are you sure you are not just using weird Move Tool
Options? If not, please provide more details, like size of selection
before and after scaling and so on.

Martin Nordholts
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