The Script-Fu plug-in in GIMP 2.4 uses version 1.38 of TinyScheme. There are 
about 8 bug fixes to that version of TinyScheme listed in SourceForge. Most of 
these fixes have not been applied to the TinyScheme used in Script-Fu.

I would like to apply most, if not all, of these fixes to the TinyScheme used 
in GIMP. A couple of the bugs may have already been fixed but differently to 
the official version of TinyScheme. One of the bugs fixed in GIMP's TinyScheme 
may have a better fix in the official version although this needs to be 

The first step would be to create bug reports for each needed plus a tracking 
bug. Not all of the outstanding bugs need to be included in TinyScheme. Some 
bug fixes could be held off until after post 2.6. The bug fixes can be applied 
quickly so there is plenty of time to run any needed tests on the fixes before 
2.6 is out.

It would also be nice to see support for radio buttons added to Script-Fu. I 
might need to consult on this with someone as I'm not that good at GTK 
programming. I almost had it the last time I tried a patch for this but I 
didn't get it 100%.


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