On Mon, 2007-11-05 at 19:29 -0500, Daniel Falk wrote:

> > Since we don't know how this works in detail, there is not much point in
> > suggesting that we add such a feature.
> I could find a video for anyone interested, but that really wasn't my
> point.  I suggested the feature not simply to ask for someone to copy
> photoshop in detail, but to solve the same problem that photoshop has
> managed to solve.  Namely, figuring out an effective, efficient, and
> time-saving way of cleaning up a photo with a lot of marks or a dusty
> scan.

A video wouldn't help. In order to implement this, one would have to
know exactly how "Photoshop somehow guesses what it should use as source
material". Of course if someone has solved the problem you outlined
above, then we would be happy to help him/her to implement it as a GIMP

> That's a shame, but I do understand there is a lot of work to be done on
> the gimp and only so much expertise to go around.  Still, can it be
> logged as a valid feature request somewhere in the event that someone
> with the interest in improving the gimp might choose to implement this
> request?

No. It is pointless to keep an enhancement request for something that
doesn't have a known solution. It would even be a waste of developers
time since this bug would only make our long list of feature requests
even longer.


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