On Tue, 2007-11-06 at 12:42 -0300, Guillermo Espertino wrote:
> Roadmap will be closed by the end of this week, so I'd like to make a 
> summary of the main issues I'd like to see fixed for 2.6

Nice to remind us of some issues but we are not going to put user wishes
on our roadmap. It is rather distracting to post user wishes to the
developer list. People here should be aware of the shortcomings and
without being a developer, your opinion is just one of many users.

But let's look at some of your suggestions nevertheless...

> 1) Semi transparent overlay of the original layer when transforming 
> (scale or rotate).
> (It seems pretty obvious with the planned Cairo support)

This is not obvious, nor trivial, to solve with Cairo. Perhaps we can
solve it for 2.6, perhaps not. I expect that this will be an issue until
we have fully switched to GEGL. That means for a few more years. 

> 2) Redrawing speed at <100% zoom
> Redrawing when a large image is zoomed out is still slow. the quality of 
> the display is excelent, but just turning on or off a layer (for 
> instance) is slow.

I wouldn't say it's slow and I am surprised that you are saying that it
is. There are however some optimizations to the display and preview code
that I am planning to do for 2.6.

> 3) Axis Constrain for move tool.
> This is very, very useful.

Sure. But it has been on our roadmap for years and no one seems
interesting in fixing it. So unless a developers feels like working on
this one, it will stay unimplemented.

> 4) Angle constrain for path tool.
> Afaics in the documentation, this feature existed in previous versions. 
> Was it removed?

As far as I know this never existed.

> 7) I left this for the end because I don't know if it will be possible 
> at this stage:
> The text tool needs improvements. I don't know if they can be made 
> before GEGL or it should be bumped to a future version.
> - Text edition on canvas.
> - modify text properties "inline" (selecting a part of the text and 
> changing the options doesn't change the whole paragraph).
> - Don't destroy transformations when editing text properties.

Same answer here. This is on our roadmap for years already and it is
very well possible. There is even code for some of this that just needs
to be finished. But without someone working on it, this is not going to
happen ever.


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