Sven wrote:

>> * solve user request #1, part 1: one menu bar, keep window with
>>    menu bar open when no image is open, true floating inspectors,
>>    transparency where inspectors overlap the image (found a way
>>    how it can be faked);
> I don't think that "true floating inspectors" are implementable at  
> all.
> But perhaps you need to explain first what "true floating" means.

let's see: always on top of any normal window, but under menus and
dialogs; does not appear in taskbar; not visible when GIMP is not
the foreground application. that is the mandatory bit, I think.

> I wouldn't like to put something on the roadmap that we can't solve  
> for
> technical reasons.

I was getting more positive because you were talking in
optimistic terms about when 'always a window with menu bar' would
be implemented. are we now back to 'you'll have to patch all window
managers to do that'?

> Transparency is not a problem on the platforms where it is  
> supported and
> we can easily enable this in trunk right away since we are using GTK+
> 2.12 there.

I get the feeling that all is not rosy there, but at least
I know that I can always work around that...


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