On Nov 7, 2007 2:40 AM, peter sikking wrote:

> and something about text (layers), that is not so trivial in the UI btw,
> text, svg and other vector stuff need their own stacking order within a
> layer and if you want to avoid the question "are they above or in the
> layer pixels", then they need their own layer type.

We already have initial implementation of vector layers here:


>    true floating inspectors,
>    transparency where inspectors overlap the image (found a way
>    how it can be faked);

I'm not sure this is the right time and place to argue, but from my
experience using Paint.Net, which has this functionality, transparent
palettes will absolutely useless and even annoying, if #362915 won't
be implemented. They will just show content beneath, but won't let
access it.

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