Alexandre Prokoudine schrieb:
> On Nov 7, 2007 7:29 PM, Marcus Heese wrote:
>> Ok, but now more to the Western font problems. The so-called "tracking"
>> is implemented with the letter-spacing mechanism.
> This is incorrect. Kerning adjusts kern pairs,

Yup... that's right!

> tracking adjusts space
> between words.

No. Tracking (=letter-spacing) adjusts the overall spacing of a word!

> Letter spacing in GIMP is a simple solution to make
> kerning possible at all, not tracking. More versatile features like
> kerning individual kern pairs and tracking will probably require
> on-canvas text editing.

Ok, perhaps we have some conflicts in our defintions. However, I don't
know the gimp internals, so I guess you're right ;)

Anyway, that still leaves the problem of a missing (or wrong)
implementation of kerning and tracking.

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