Sven Neumann wrote:

> Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
>> I'm not sure this is the right time and place to argue, but from my
>> experience using Paint.Net, which has this functionality, transparent
>> palettes will absolutely useless and even annoying.
> I agree. Transparency will be distracting.

counter example: Aperture. it is all about using the right gray and
alpha values.

The really fat bonus of implementing this is that users get
the impression (and associated speed-up in workflow) of being able
to see the image on the whole screen. Even if part of the real
precision work can only be performed in uncovered areas like now.

Also, because the toolbox and inspectors are still visible, there
is no penalty in how quick a click in either can be performed (this
is the case for hiding minimising toolbox and inspectors).

> As it causes wrong color
> appearance, it is IMO a very bad thing to do in a user interface  
> that is
> made for working with colors.

well, obviously where one works with colors in the inspector that
part is either never or on mouse-over not going to be transparent.


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