Martin Nordholts wrote:
> Tim Jedlicka wrote:
>> (repost - got lost somewhere the first time)
>> I stumbled upon this link describing the use of the Diagonal (45 degree
>> diagonal from each corner of an image) as the optimum crop guide ("better"
>> than rule-of-thirds or golden rule).
>> I hacked together a patch to add the Diagonal crop guide. So, should I open
>> an enhancement bugzilla and include the patch? My patch isn't perfect -
>> hence posting here since it requires some discussion. If the crop box is a
>> portrait, then it works, if landscape (X > Y) then the guides extend beyond
>> the crop rectangle. I don't know how to fix this cleanly (using an if
>> statement doesn't seem efficient).
>> Any guidance (on or off list) would be appreciated. Thanks...Tim
> Hi Tim, we appreciate your efforts.
> This should be solvable without caring about if the rectangle is in
> portrait or landscape. For each line to draw, you have
> 1. one starting point (a corner, e.g. upper left)
> 2. one direction (e.g. 45 degrees down to the right for the upper left
> corner)
> 3. another line (e.g. the bottom horizontal line for the upper left corner)
> Now you need to calculate the end point by calculating where the 45
> degree line intersects with other line. Then draw a line between the
> start point and the calculated intersection point.
> Martin Nordholts

Oops, it of course depends on portrait or landscape which line you hit
first. I think you will have to throw in an if there.

- Martin Nordholts
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