On Thursday 08 November 2007, Raphaël Quinet wrote:
> The problem is that the question is not interpreted correctly by most
> users, as can be seen by the other replies mentioning camera sensors that
> sometimes report the wrong orientation.  It does NOT mean: "allow me to
> decide if each image should be rotated".  If you do not let GIMP display
> the image according to its EXIF orientation tag, then the image will not
> be rotated by GIMP but its orientation tag will not be modified either,
So you suggest that the GIMP is changing the orientation tag when it is 
loading the image. What then happens if later I decide to rotate the image 
again manually? If you want to go there, you are opening up a whole new set 
of possible scenarios which will end up confusing users and other programs.
I always understood the question so that I either want to ignore the rotation 
flag or not but that the EXIF would stay untouched, no matter what I decide 
EXIF in an edited image has little resemblance with the original anyway, so I 
would suggest stripping that except for the IPTC tags. I would also be happy 
if the IPTC tags were settable in the GIMP, instead of having to resort to 
other programs.

Karl Günter
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