since you seem to be interested in the text tool and how to improve it,
here are some small steps that I would suggest you (or anyone else)
starts with:

Finish work on the text box.

The text tool was always supposed to allow the user to create a
rectangular text box so that the text flows into it. This was never
finished, but the code for this is almost there. It mainly just needs a
user interface and with the new rectangle tool code, this shouldn't be
too hard.

Allow text transformations.

When a text layer undergoes a linear transformation, currently the
pixels are transformed and the text information is discarded. This could
easily be changed. There already is code to apply linear transformations
to text layers and to store the transformation with the text layer. It
would be nice to get this finished.

Evaluate porting to PangoCairo

Currently we are using the Freetype2 backend of Pango. It would be nice
if we could switch to the Cairo backend. This would allow to use the
same backend for rendering the layer as we would use if we added
in-place editing. So this would be a first step towards in-place text
editing. I haven't looked at this in detail yet so I can't tell if this
would be a simple change or not.


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