On Friday 09 November 2007, Raphaël Quinet wrote:
> No, that's wrong.  And that's one of the reasons why I want to remove
> this confusing question.  The EXIF standard defines precisely the list of
> tags that must be updated and the list of tags that must be copied
> unchanged.  Unfortunately, older GIMP versions were violating that
> standard by copying the whole EXIF block unmodified and this caused many
> problems, including images having the wrong orientation.
If the current version behaves correctly in this regard (which I gather it is 
from your comments) then I am all in favour of dropping the dialog and always 
rotate the image accordingly.
> > EXIF in an edited image has little resemblance with the original anyway, 
so I 
> > would suggest stripping that except for the IPTC tags. I would also be 
> > if the IPTC tags were settable in the GIMP, instead of having to resort to 
> > other programs.
> IPTC tags are not part of EXIF.  They are a different set of tags that
> are stored in another JPEG APP marker.  The ability to edit and save them
> may be included in GIMP 2.6.
That would be very nice and is important for me and probably a whole host of 
people out there that rely on the IPTC tags.
Karl Günter
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