Hello to everyone!

I'm Andrea from Italy, this is my first post.

I'm an amateur photographer, and I'm using GIMP to retouch my photos. I 
wrote some articles in italian on the argument, and I'm here to suggest 
some hints for this beautyful program.


- It's an invaluable tool for photo retouching, for valuating contrast, 
brightness, clipping (even channel by channel), posterization.

- Should be upgraded in real time, when doing levels, curves, ... (I 
know it done on the 2.4.1 release) better if during correction the 
original histogram is grayed in the background, and the histogram of the 
current correction is black in the front.

- Like other photo retouching programs (take a look to UFRaw), there 
could some checkboxes to enable clipping areas blinking. This is very 
useful to see clipping, even better if could be updated in real time 
during correction (as the entire histogram).

- Linked to the previuos hint, on the histogram window there could be 
shown the percentage of clipping towards the white e the black (see UFRaw).


- When you pass the mouse over the current image, show in the histogram 
on the levels window the luminosity position, something like a small 
circle running thru the orizzontal line.


- Please, a more dense curve. Better if user can select 4 or 8 lines.

- Please, draw in the background the baseline (45°). It's a very useful 
reference, more visible than looking to the vertex of the grid.

- Like levels, when you pass the mouse over the current image, show the 
luminosity position on the curve, something like a small circle running 
thru the curve (like Photoshop). This is very very very useful, to see 
where are some particulas ares of the image on the curve. Without the 
feature, it's not so simple to design a correct curve.

If you want to see some GIMP and Photoshop histogram, levels and curves 
images, take a look to my articles (they are in italian, but the 
important thing are the images):

Thanks a lot in advance.

GIMP has the chance to be one of the best tool to retouch photos. It's 
already the best in the open source world.



Andrea Olivotto

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