Hey all,

GIMP 2.6 will include some bits of GEGL, not the full-blown package
with GEGL everywhere, but some selected spots that are easy to handle
and unlikely to break anything in the planned short development cycle.

The tentative plan is pretty simple:

* write adapter/proxy functions/objects which enable a GEGL graphs to
  read/write from/to GIMP PixelRegions. This should be fairly easy to

* remove all color correction code from app/base and use GEGL operators
  instead. This involves changes to GimpImageMapTool and all its
  subclasses, including making all their dialogs views on the properties
  of the resp. GEGL operators.

* if feasible in the time frame, abstract some common color correction
  base API out of the above step and implement a simple color correction
  paint tool (something like dodge/burn, but with the choice of all the
  color correction power we have).

* if the above goes well and integrates nicely, look for more isolated
  spots that would allos us to get rid of legacy code in favor of GEGL

That's basically it. Please comment or correct me if i missed something
in these first basic steps.


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