Sven wrote:

> On Thu, 2007-11-08 at 00:06 +0100, peter sikking wrote:
>>> Where we are back at the point where this is not likely going to be
>>> ever
>>> possible on all supported platforms using the toolkit that we use  
>>> and
>>> will continue to use.
>> I am used to development teams telling me 'can't do that', but I
>> am not used to them refusing to sit down with me to find a work
>> around solution.
> We aren't refusing to find a work around solution. But so far we only
> talked about the short-term plans and we have not sat down at all to
> talk about the long-term goals for the user interface. Perhaps we  
> should
> do that before we put these things on our roadmap.
> So for now it is probably best if we concentrate on the short-term  
> goals
> that we agreed on and that can be implemented. Perhaps we can discuss
> the long-term GIMP UI vision at the next LGM then.

fair enough. I am also uncomfortable with the fact of having to
convince people of putting on the roadmap rather deep-going
paradigm changing solutions without writing first a couple of
white-paper type of blog entries where I show how all this
stuff hangs together in a deep, complicated way.


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