still about porting plugins form 2.2 to 2.4:

> This is not the correct solution. Instead the plug-in is supposed to
> gimp_plugin_domain_register() to tell the GIMP core about the
> that the plug-in uses for translation. The core will then be able to
> translate the menu entry.

In fact, the call to gimp_domain_register() was already present in the 

gimp_plugin_domain_register (PROCEDURE_NAME, LOCALEDIR);

It returns success, but the menu entry is not translated.
I couldn't find any help from other plugins' sources because they don't 
register this way.

Another problem I found is that the GIMP helpbrowser doesn't read the help 
files correctly
(no problem when using firefox, though). The crash occurs in 
inside the function browser_dialog_make_index_foreach(), at this point:

indices = g_strsplit (item->title, ".", -1); /* THIS CALL FAILS */

for (i = 0; i < 5; i++)
      if (! indices[i])  /* CRASH HERE */

      item->index += atoi (indices[i]) << (8 * (5 - i));

and that's because item->title is NULL.

Thus, it seems that I need to register a title somehow, but I didn't find any 
documentation online
about how to prepare an help file. Again, the standard plugins were of no help 
to me.
Any help/hint/clue/link would be appreciated.

> BTW, it would be nice if we could release an updated version of
> gimp-plugin-template for GIMP 2.4. Any volunteers to update the
> in SVN?

If I manage to get it tworking I would be glad to send you my patches!


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