One of the things that GIMP badly needs is a vectorial tool for
drawing lines and arrows.  This also would make sense as a first
usable implementation of vector layers.

Here is how I think it could be structured:

1) For UI, there should be a GimpLineTool interface, modeled after
   GimpRectangleTool, but much simpler because it only needs to be
   able to move the two ends, rather than any of 8 possible corners or
   edges. This could be created by cloning GimpRectangleTool and then
   simplifying, or from scratch.  It would only be an interface, not a
   tool in itself.

2) The interface would then be used in a GimpLineShapeTool
   (GimpArrowTool?), which would create a vector layer containing a
   single line segment, allowing options to be specified for rendering
   style and arrows on the ends.  This would be an actual tool,
   accessible from the toolbox.

I mention this not because I want to do it myself (I don't
particularly), but because I think it makes a good roadmap target, and
one that might be interesting to active developers.  Martin, I think,
would be capable of setting up GimpLineTool, and it would give him
something more creative to do in addition to fixing bugs in GimpRectangleTool
(which is also important, of course, but not so exciting).  For Henk,
setting up GimpLineShapeTool (or whatever it is called) might give a
target that is both extremely useful and an excellent start toward a
full-fledged vector layer capability, without getting into all the
complexities of arbitrary shapes.

  -- Bill

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