The plugin in only a small .c file. So the installation on Linux was 
But my professor at the university wants the plugin working on windows 
version of gimp too... My graduation depend on this...
I've tried used the dev-c++ to compile the source but the program find a lot 
of error in "gimp.h".
But this is impossible...
I cannot access to microsoft's developer studio but I've already used it.
So it is possible to use microsoft visual c++? How?


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> First tell us how you compiled it on Linux, and what kind of
> experience, if any, you have of development on Windows, and what
> tools, if any, you already have for that. (ILike, have you used
> Microsoft's Developer Studio and know your way around it very well,
> and have access to it? Or do you come from a Unix background only?)
> --tml
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