Hello Alessandro,

Thanks. I've kept a log of the Ubuntu packages with libs and headers that I
installed to make GIMP compile with all options, and nothing seems to be

I didn't discover what the cause of the problem was, but it's solved now: I
deleted everything, checked out all the sources from svn again, and now I
can build it without errors.


2007/11/14, Alessandro Falappa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Hello Jesper,
>         I successfully compile the svn head of gimp regularly under Ubuntu
> Gutsy.
> Have a look at my blog post on the topic
> (
> http://www.falappa.net/2007/05/17/gimp-compile-dependencies-on-ubuntu-feisty-fawn/
> )
> to find the packages I had to install to have a "smooth compilation".
> The post refers to Feisty but applies to Gutsy as well. You may have
> some issues with an optional library though (I don't remember quite now
> I will check when at home).
> Hope it helps.
> Jesper de Jong ha scritto:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I have checked out the latest sources from svn and I am now trying to
> > compile GIMP. After about 5 mins 30 secs compilation stops with an error
> > that seems to be a linking error in the imagemap plug-in. Here are the
> > last few lines I see before it stops:
> ...
> --
> Alessandro Falappa
> web: http://www.falappa.net/

Jesper de Jong
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