A Thursday 15 November 2007 14:27:30, Lionel Tarazon Alcocer escreveu:
> I am developing a plug-in which makes use of SVG files to store Gimp
> Vectors. The Import functionality is quite straight-on due to the
> gimp_vectors_import_from_file(), but I haven't found a function which works
> the other way around.
> Is there a function which exports paths/vectors to a SVG file or string?
> Given that this is quite straight-on at the GIMP GUI (right-button over a
> path, Export Path), I was wondering if I had missed it at the API.
> thanks


I have a python script that does this.
It has not been updated for the new vectors API in gimp 2.4 however.

Anyway you can take a look at a simple translation of gimp bezier curves to 
svg equivalents, without using gimp internals:


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