> Andrea Olivotto wrote:
>> Hello to everyone!
>> I'm Andrea from Italy, this is my first post.
>> I'm an amateur photographer, and I'm using GIMP to retouch my photos. I
>> wrote some articles in italian on the argument, and I'm here to suggest
>> some hints for this beautyful program.
>> Histogram:
>> - It's an invaluable tool for photo retouching, for valuating contrast,
>> brightness, clipping (even channel by channel), posterization.
> I just want to warn you that using the Curve tool for photo retouching
> is not always a good idea because the so-called 'Value' curve  is
> nothing else than the same curve applied to the Red, Green and Blue
> channels.

Just select Colour->Curves->Channel value, select Red/Green/Blue or alpha
if it exists and adjust.


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