the GIMP project has a steady flow of donations coming in. Not much, but
the amount has increased since the 2.4 release was made and since the
gimp.org website features the "Make a Donation" button more prominently.

Until now we have spent this money mainly on the annual GIMP developers
conference which has taken place at the Library Graphics Meeting in the
last years. We have also spent a small amount of money on hardware (if
Yosh ever collected this money at all).

I think this is good and we should continue to use the money in this
spirit. We urgently have to get new hardware for ftp.gimp.org and the
next LGM is coming. But I estimate that we should have some money left.
So let's discuss how to use it.

I would like to propose that we use it to bring GIMP developers together
in an effort to motivate people to work on the tasks that are important
to bring GIMP ahead. I can imagine that it would help a lot if someone
who wants to work on a larger feature gets a chance to meet with Peter
and Kamila to discuss the user interaction. And to talk to Mitch to get
some hands-on tips on the code that will have to be touched. Or if a
handful of documenters could meet for a weekend to improve the user
manual. Or if GIMP and GEGL developers could get together for a few days
to get the integration going.

Conferences are often too packed to actually go into details or to work
on the code. They are important, but I think it would be nice if we
would also be able to fund some smaller meetings that focus on getting
work done. What do you think? How could this work in practice?


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