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>The administrative overhead would fall on me to the extent possible, and
>as long as patches are GPL and taxes etc are handled, what legal
>problems would there be? Maybe these problems are bigger than I
>currently see

The problems are bigger than you currently see.  Here are just
some of them:

1) Do you really know how to make a payment to somebody in an arbitrary
foreign country without violating either the law in your country, the
law in the country where the GIMP funds are held, or the law in the
country of the person who receives the money?

2) What will guarantee that you keep such good records that, should you
suddenly disappear from the GIMP project, other people will be able to
make sure that agreements are not violated?

3) What if somebody donates for a specific feature and then is unhappy
with the result?

4) What if you pay somebody for a feature and then find that the code
is not usable because it violates a copyright or patent?

Etc, etc, etc.

Let me point out that there is nothing to forbid a company from paying
somebody to develop a GIMP feature, so long as the company itself manages
all the finances and contracting.

Best wishes,

  -- Bill

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