Well, I see some ideas, some things for Gimp 2.6, so I don't know so
much of devel (I'm still in study of that. Just a user before 3 weeks

So I just wordering what is more important for 2.5 starts, and I found that:

1) CORE: Integration of GEGL into gimp (GEGL is already to use into Gimp?);

2) MAIN: Start to work into CMYK, HDRI and some high res images support,
              I just see the first damn thing is used as weak point to
Gimp the all time;

3) MAIN: Live preview of filters efects,
           Well I know it was about the UI, but i think about its
simple of just put in, its a need anyway;

Three things to make focus in my opinion, less damn
tools/efects/filters (I really think about send a wait to
tools/efects/filters, I'm a user in first plane and my opinion is for
roadmap of gimp 2.6 is suficient 2 or in max 3 new
tools/efects/filters), and some of improvement of Gimp in itself.

Well, im just a user looking at devel, and that is what I see. Excuse
me any ignorance about anything i write.

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