I've created an image and was annoyed that the "Whirl and Pinch"
plugin is limited to +/- 360°. I had to run it ten times to get the
effect I was interested in.
This is the reason I wrote bug #499398 and a patch. My patch adds an
second slider to the plugin where I can set the number of turns I'd
like to have.
Sven now added a second patch. His approach at the problem is to only
change the ranges of the UI that controls the whirl angle. It allows
up to two turns by using the slider
and up to ten turns using the spin-button.

Now I thought a little bit more about the UI, talked to other users in
#gimp-de and even looked how Photoshops plugin looks like. This brings
me now to 4 different solutions:
1. +/- 360° in the slider and up to 3600° (or even more) using the spin-button.
2. +/- 720° in the slider and up to 3600° (or even more) using the
spin-button.  (Svens Version)
3. +/- 1000° in the slider and the spin-button.(Photoshops Version)
4. +/- 360° in the slider and the spin-button. And a second slider for
the number of turns. (My Version)

An other option could be to make the slider only from 0° to n° and add
an toggle to switch between clock wise and counter clock wise.

My thoughts about this option are now:

1. It is hard to find out for the user that they can enter bigger
values in the spin-button then in the slider.
2. To big ranges in the slider will make it hard to enter (the
importend) smaller values between 90° and 360°.
3. With two sliders you have to switch between both to get your solution
4. Values bigger then 360° confused some users in #gimp-de. The
reaction was: "How can a circle have more then 360°?"

Now I'd like to know what you (especially the UI experts) think about it.

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