Kevin Cozens wrote:
> Jim Sabatke wrote:
>> My free time on the file hosting site I've been using is almost up.  I
>> had several suggestions before that I should upload the files to the
>> plug-in registry site.  I may be missing something, but it looks like I
>> need some sort of special privileges to do that.
> Look at the right hand side of the page under "Coders Corner". It has a link 
> for you to register as a plug-in author. The link below that let's you change 
> plug-in information once you have registered.
I *finally* got past the login prompt to get to the file upload area. 
Thanks for your help.  Apologies for the *noise* of the extra entries in
the latest modification area.  Hopefully their will be more added and
the extras will fall off the screen.


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