You have no clue. Read Raphael's reply, and get one.

What do I have to say? You are equating the average user with
yourself. This is a very common practice, and a complete fallacy. Stop
it. okay?

On Nov 30, 2007 4:40 PM, Gary Pikula <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> When I looked at this project I couldn't could be more amazed at how
> terrible it is for users. So I closely examined what is plaguing this
> project. The main thing it always comes down to is that the users can not
> easily get in touch with the developers.
> Example 1: Gimp wiki (Wilbur's wiki) This wiki uses your own software, while
> the common user is used to mediawiki software. As the majority of people are
> used to Wikipedia type editing this should be changed asap.
> It is largely the same story with the gimp user group forums. Everyone is
> used to phpbb forums and the software in use seems incomplete. (generic
> error messages for any registration error, inability to edit previous posts,
> etc...) I recommend changing to phpbb as it is pretty much industry standard
> for open source projects. In usual cases the developers also participate in
> forums with users on the main site, so move the forums to the main site.
> The average user has never used a mailing list before as well and feels
> uncomfortable with them, take that into more consideration.
> This has created 2 major problems.
> 1. TheGimp is no longer comparable to photoshop or corel. I recommend
> putting together an extremely detailed feature list of both products and
> comparing them and how often they are used. For example there seems to be no
> equivalent for photoshop's brush selection tool, and other tools in that
> same category. It seems this problem was created from not taking in
> information from people that are used to photoshop.
> 2. Multi-window interface: If you haven't noticed the UI team has gotten a
> significant amount of theGimp mock ups with just one window. I have heard it
> is possible to change the gimp into one window, but it doesn't seem possible
> on Windows. Outside of the Gimp community this is by far the most complained
> about thing since with something like a browser window being open makes the
> user have to manually bring all of the windows to the foreground.
> Please do something to get in touch with users, I could never honestly ever
> say theGimp could be a replacement for photoshop ever if this continues.
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