I've been working on using the new "rectangle tool" interface
to allow changing the shape of a text layer by moving edges
around.  (Sven set up the infrastructure for this years ago,
but it has lacked a UI.)  I have attached a patch with a trial
implementation to the relevant enhancement request in
Sven suggests, and I agree, that it would be good to have input
from the UI team before making changes to SVN trunk, hence
this email.  Here is a summary of how the trial implementation
handles things:1) If the user clicks on an existing text layer, and no rectangle
yet exists there, we create a rectangle to frame the layer,
and allow the user to modify it.
2) If the user has modified the rectangle for an existing text layer,
we change the layer shape or position accordingly.
3) If the active layer is not a text layer, or if it is but the user
has clicked outside it, and the rectangle that has been swept out is too 
small, we want to use dynamic text, so we halt the rectangle interface.
4) Otherwise, we use the new rectangle that the user has
swept out as our text box, keeping the rectangle interface alive so
that the user can modify it.
The rectangle interface is exactly identical to the one in the rectangle
select tool, except that I have tentatively assumed that modifier keys 
aren't going to come into play.  However, everything should be
considered open to change right now.
So, I am hoping to get some feedback from the UI team about this
If you want to experiment with the trial implementation, you can
find an updated patch in the above-mentioned bug report.  To
the best of my knowledge, everything works as intended except
Undo, which is a bit glitchy.   
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