I've noticed there seems to be a great deal of negativity on this 
malling list that stems from people (myself included, unfortunately) 
attempting to make suggestions about topics that I get the impression 
have been discussed to death already.

This used to be a problem for blender, as well (though nowhere near as 
bad as you guys get it).  We solved it by writing a new developers 
introduction page on the wiki, which seemed to help our situation a 
lot.  Having something similar, only maybe more of an intro to 
gimp-developers, might help here.  Something linked to on the gimp 
mailing lists page.  Another option would be to expand the gimp 
developer FAQ and link to it on the malling list page.  Or perhaps there 
could just be a link to the task list page (is there an official one 
yet?) for 2.6.

Content I can think of that would be useful for people signing up for 
gimp-developers include:

* A notice to read the current task list, if there's an official one yet.
* Certain commonly raised issues, such as "yes, the devs do listen to 
users", or "the task list is too long, so we're not taking more feature 
requests" etc.

Of course these are just things I've picked up on the list in my short 
time of actually reading it regularly.  I'm sure there's a lot more.  
I'd be willing to put something together on the gimp wiki; I don't think 
it would be appropriate for me to actually write this sort of thing, but 
I could condense agreed-on content discussed here, or somethin.

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