William Skaggs wrote:

> I've been working on using the new "rectangle tool" interface
> to allow changing the shape of a text layer by moving edges
> around.
> Sven suggests, and I agree, that it would be good to have input
> from the UI team before making changes to SVN trunk, hence
> this email.

When 2.4 came out, I made a statement that that day was also the
end of fire brigade mode for the UI team. So can we do this in the
right order please:

1) we decide that this issue is worth our limited resources and
    has higher precedence than other issues (that will remain unsolved);
2) we therefore put it on the road map, stating what we will tackle,
    leaving out the ambitious stuff;
3) UI team creates a UI solution and writes spec; meanwhile a
    technical proof of concept (feasibility) can be lashed up;
4) real code gets written and tested;
5) user manual gets updated.

So right now for this issue only the second part of point 3
(the lash-up) has been done. I am not sure this issue will pass
point 1, at this moment.

One of the biggest crimes in user interaction is to let a piece
of existing code inform the shape of new interaction solutions.


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