I would like to restate that I would prefer to work under
the guidance of your team.  If you can specify the most 
important  change that you think can be made now, and if 
Sven agrees to let me work on it, and if I can see how to 
do it, I'll probably be willing to take a shot at it.  I don't even
need a full specification, just some definite objective to write
code for.  In particular, I would be happy to work on the
menu restructuring if you and Sven can agree to go ahead
and make specific changes, and if Sven is comfortable with
that.  From a coding point of view, it should be pretty
straightforward.  There are several other things in your
"partial spec" list that would be pretty easy to write code
for, if the objectives were spelled out precisely and fully
agreed upon.

Best wishes,
  -- Bill
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