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> We don't do this kind of "Apply" thing anywhere in GIMP. I think it
> would be rather inconsistent and confusing if we start to do it for some
> dialogs. Since the dialog already remembers all settings, I don't really
> see what you want to achieve with this change. Perhaps it just needs to
> be made easier to bring up the dialog again?

How could it be made easier?  And even if it were, consider the usage
pattern you get:

1) bring up the dialog
2) move the dialog
3) set it up
4) hit okay
5) undo
6) bring back the dialog
*) repeat steps 2-6 several times

Note that since the dialog is transient, it generally comes up on top
of the image, and needs to be moved aside each time.  It's not
clear how this could be avoided.

> 2) The default for "Dash preset" should be "Line" rather than "Custom". This
>is just obviously wrong.
>Well, you would have to add logic then that changes it to Custom as soon
>as the user edits the custom dash pattern. And you would have to
>remember that setting also. When we did that dialog we decided that it's
>just not worth the hassle.

Consider what this looks like to a user.  I select libart stroking, open
the expander, and see that the "dash preset" is "custom".  How can it
be "custom"?  "Custom" means something that I set up myself, but
I haven't set anything up.  What makes it even worse is that the
default "custom" pattern only fills half the menu width, so it looks
like a dash until you open the menu and see that "line" looks the
same way.

> Also, it shouldn't be called "Dash preset", but
> rather "Line style", and the expander should be named something different, 
> such
> as "Stroke settings".

Well, "dash preset" is programmer language, not user language.  Something
in user language is needed here.

> My guess is that the user almost always wants a line. Using a dash
> pattern is rather uncommon, isn't it? But yes, perhaps moving it to the
> top would help.

It probably varies by user -- I personally use it pretty often.  In any case,
a user who chooses libart stroking will always, I think, want to see what
is going to happen.  Automatically opening the expander when the method
is "Stroke line" would help some too.

Anyway, I wouldn't want to get bogged down on the dashes part,
when the really important part is streamlining the flow of changing
settings and re-stroking.  As currently done, it feels broken.

  -- Bill

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