I'm new to the list, so hello !

I've used Gimp for many years. Previous experience: I'm currently doing some 
development on NASA world Wind ( http://djbarney.silentflame.com/moc2ww/ ).

So, according to schumaml on Gimp IRC, I'm the only one on Windows who has 
expressed any interest in controlling Gimp via a Midi controller (in this case 
my M-Audio Oxygen 49 Keyboard that has various configurable 
slider/knobs/buttons http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/Oxygen49-main.html ).

Don't know how true that is. Can I be alone in this ? As far as I see it, using 
a Midi controller is no different from using a pressure pad / pen .... tactile 
control. I don't know if this area warrants lots of development, or even if it 
will catch on, but Apple for example has some software that supports Midi .... 

I managed to get the Direct X input controller working with my Joystick. The 
buttons trigger various things OK, but I can't get the Z Axis to control 
sliders (the paint brush radius for example). Might be something I've 
misunderstood about the setup though.

Does MS Direct X input include Midi device support ? My USB Midi device and 
normal Midi did not show up in the list ... but maybe they can be supported 
through Direct X ?

So, any suggestions appreciated. I'm new to Gimp development. Who is working on 
the input module ?

Barney ( http://djbarney.org )

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