On Tue, 2007-12-11 at 18:18 +0100, Lionel Tarazon Alcocer wrote:

> (1)
> ¿Is there any way to store data (similarly to gimp_set_data, for example) so
> that gimp loads it automatically at start? I don't mean using parasites stored
> in an XCF file.

You can set a persistent global parasite using gimp_parasite_attach().

> If not, ¿Should I use for this purpose any of the rc files in 
> "$HOME/.gimp-2.4"
> to store this data, or It's just better to create my own file instead?

That's an alternative way of doing it. Do whatever you prefer. If you
want to create your own file, please make sure that it is named after
your plug-in. And consider to use GKeyFile for writing and loading it.

> (2)
> ¿What's the parasiterc file used for?

It is used to store persistent global parasites.


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