[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2008-01-18 at 0844.05 -0600):
> What about a function to "export" brushes that dumps selected brushes
> to a new dir with a local version of brushrc, and a matching "import"
> that reads them in - file, MD5, and tags?

Or a tag system based in companion files (flowers.gih gets a
flowers.gih.tags file) and then the common resource file is assembled
as need in similar fashion than .fonts.cache-1 (with any extra info it
can need, not just tags). No export tools need, no hidden info.

Provided tags files are simple enough (say one tag per line, which can
support languages or special types like "tag assigned by user" vs "by
creator" via simple syntax like "type[lang]=tag"), they could even be
merged with simple tools (concate the file, filter out duplicates) or
processed by script (create zip with all resources tagged "flower").

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