I have a feature request. Let me explain it with an example.
Imagine that I have two pictures and I need to create one picture from those 
I will need to open the first image and for example drag & drop the second to 
this one (to The GIMP window with the first image).
So we will have two layers: one below (first image) and one above (second 
image, it covers the first one now).
And if it is for example 800x631 and 800x245, we need to change the canvas size 
height to 631+245.
Here we need to count 631+245=876 in mind/orally or, otherwise, to use a 
The both processes make a sure slowdown. So, how to simply kill this slowdown?
Just add a feature to execute simple algebraic operations right in the width 
and height fields!
So users will need just to write 631+245, press enter, and it will be changed 
to 876 by The GIMP.
I think only four operations are needed: addition, subtraction, multiplication 
and division.
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