I've been reading some stuff at gui.gimp.org and I'm wondering where to 
respond/comment on the issues. I've got a few ideas/comments here.

> Open and Save dialogs should be implemented natively
This would be quite nice. I've heard Inkscape is also getting this 
support soon.

> 1. Initial time-out for the tool tip should be twice as long. So
> that the tool tip would not show up when you know what you’re
> doing. Probable the tool tips should come after 2 sec.
Also, perhaps the tooltips should only activate if it is for a tool in 
the currently active window, or not to bring the window the tooltip is 
for to the top.. Under MSW, when a tooltip activates, the window moves 
to the top, even if you just move you mouse over a tool on the toolbox 
shortly (without the expectation of it poping to the top). It seems the 
only way to prevent it is to disable tooltips.

> Zoom
Perhaps defaulting to have the mouse wheel controller in the image 
window do zooming would be nice. This is my setup mouse where without 
modifier keys causes zooming.

> We need organizing layers in folders.
I would love to see this support. I can then keep layers as they are 
instead of frequently having to merge them. Also, a layer 'folder' 
should be able to have a blend mode/opacity of it's own, where it's 
image data is really the combinded data of any sublayers/folders. Just 
an idea.

> Being mostly mathematical operations, their names could be clearer to 
> express what really to expect.
It would be nice have see a 'custom' layer mode where one can enter a 
mathematical operation to produce a result.

> Tile
> Is there any reason why it should be there? It is rather unnecessary 
> to stay.
It is useful (for me) when creating icons as an image-list where each 
part has a common background. I create a 256x16 image, and then a 16x16 
layer. Draw the common part, and use tile to tile it all the way across 
to 256x16. Later if I want to edit, I just resize to 16x16, edit, and 
tile again.

> Curve Bend
PSP has something where the image is broken into a grid, and each node 
of the grid can be moved to create a warp effect. Done correctly it can 
curve the image or other effects as well, esp if the x/y dimensions of 
the grid can be controlled, like from 2 to x a horizontal curve could be 
done by having a grid 10x2, and then adjust the grid points and apply.

> Spread
Does not support wrapping. If a while image has a black box at the top 
left, using this filter will not cause the pixels spread to wrap around 
the left to the right or the bottom to the top/etc. An option should be 
provided to support wrapping.

> Convultion Matrix
Good for creating custom edge and emboss effects.
> users want to adjust their brushes on the fly, just by pressing keys, 
> user should be able to change the parameters.
Very important. I 'hate' creating a new brush just to adjust some 
parameters. I also 'hate' creating a new gradient just to create a 
gradient for quick use. IDEA: All brushes/graidents/etc should be 
editable. Editing any brush, editable or not, creates the 'custom' 
brush, a name which is reserved and perhaps should appear as <custom> or 
(custom), etc. The user can save the brush. When saving the brush, it 
would remember the original name of the brush when showing the name dialog.

If the user selects brush 'FuzzyPaint' (read only) and makes changes, it 
internally becomes (custom) but remembers that is is originally 
'FuzzyPaint', when pressing the save button, a dialog will pop up with 
the name FuzzyPaint. The user can save it (in which case the user brush 
will be created and override the system brush, or at least be visible 
along-side the system brush), or rename it and then save it. The same 
for non-readonly brushes. And for gradients.

> Active/inactive layer
> We are concerned by the fact that there are often mistakes caused by 
> independence of what you see, and what is an active layer. Is painting 
> on invisible layer a good idea? It would be useful if after clicking 
> on invisible layer in the stack, it would become visible.
I'm always doing this. I think it would be nice to 'not' edit an 
invisible layer. I would also like to be able to 'lock' a layer so it 
can not be changed at all, and not just lock the layer transparency.

> Gradient tool should primarily show the angle, not the coordinates. 
> Angle could be set also in toolbox. Once user sets the angle, it would 
> be possible to have the same angle for the whole project.
The gradient could support more than just a 'linear' interpolation. For 
a linear gradient, I may want a faster change from one direction than 
the other like instead of:




Maybe done by some type of editable curve when using the gradient tool 
with input (0..1) and output (0..1) defining how the gradient changes. 
This curve would also eliminate the repeat mode down to only repeat and 
non-repeat. Triangle/direct/rampetc can be defined by the curve.

For the radial gradient, the ability to adjust the focus point would be 
nice, and to define a better offset. Currently I have to create a 
selection with a hole in it and then draw the gradient from the center 
to get a donut shape, but adjusting the offset to the correct position 
is. Perhaps the radial gradient could be a three-point gradient (center, 
start, end)

> Save as PNG
GIMP should support setting the display-gamma value perhaps under color 
management preferences and saving the correct gamma value to PNG if the 
save gamma option is enabled, and maybe also support embedding the color 
profile. For example, my display gamma is more around 2.1, so saving 
(1/2.2) in the file is not right for my display but should instead save 
(1/2.1) if I want it to save gamma correction information.

Other issues:

When creating a custom dock with various dialogs docked how I want. If I 
accidentally close the dock, I must recreate the dock and restore the 
dialogs. It would be nice if each dock could be saved as a 'view' or 
perspective so closing it can easily be restored. Perhaps it could go 
under Dialogs->Dock->Save Dock:

Custom Docks->

My AllInOne Dock
My Misc Dock
My Other Dock
Save New Dock

These are juse some comments/ideas/etc.

Brian Vanderburg II

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