On Thu, 2008-01-24 at 20:20 +0100, peter sikking wrote:

> When making the roadmap the rational decision can be taken what
> GIMP needs now: polygonal tool or fixing the floating selection.
> One gets the nod, the other has to wait for a next release to
> get worked on (UI spec, dev, test, doc, etc.)

Huh? We have several developers waiting to implement these things.
Actually for most of the things, some of the code has already been
written. If working with the UI team means that we can only have one or
two changes per release cycle, then that means that only one or two
developers can work on GIMP and that means that it will not improve

> I see the list below of what needs input and they are all worthy
> problems to solve. But they look to be in part different problems
> than the ones discussed for the roadmap two months ago. There lies
> the problem.

These are the things that people are actively working on. I cannot
assign tasks to developers and you can't do that either. This is a
voluntary project. People spend their time on the things they want to
spend their time on. They are willing to follow advice from the UI team,
but that does not mean that they are just a bunch of code-writing

> I will give direction for the small ones on the list below that
> have bug numbers. I am still putting out small fires. >^}
> the big spec ones need to be roadmapped to get done...

Please assume them to be on the roadmap then. Everything on my list is
on our roadmap and some of the items have been sitting there for years.
These are all long-standing problems that need to be addressed. And if
we can address them now, then we should do that.


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