One of the points that emerged from the ongoing discussion is that it
is time to start making a tentative roadmap for 2.8.  I hope this time
that Peter and his group can be brought into the discussion as early
as possible, and will play a role in shaping the plan.

As I wrote earlier, Peter in his LGM talk listed the things he
considered the top priorities at the UI level:

10. better printing support
9.  painting with brushes
8.  improve the text tool
7.  save for web
6.  organize brushes, palettes, gradients in categories
5.  avoid pop-up dialogs
4.  better painting tools
3.  layer trees
2.  adjustment layers
1.  single window interface

Of these items, #1 is controversial, and #2 and #3 depend on Gegl
developments.  Each of the remaining things are potential targets for
2.8 -- in fact, I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be possible to
do several of them.  In particular, I think it should be possible, and
very cool, to implement the "blobs of paint" idea that is part of #4.

Peter, could you give us your thoughts on how we should proceed at
this point?

  -- Bill
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