As requested, I'm moving this discussion to the mailing list... for the 
history, see the bugzilla entry 76616.

Just to get a few things straight, I've stumbled on the fact the you 
can't do simple arithmetic expressions in any widget whatsoever (most 
prominently, boundary measurements), and I figured, since this bug had 
been open since 2002, there probably wasn't much going on, so just to 
get the pot stirring a little I hacked together a little recursive 
descent parser / evaluator.

I realize that, for one, i18n considerations must be taken into account, 
it's more or less prepared for this, although the hardcoded inch/mm 
relationship could be taken from Gimps unit system, so this is more or 
less a matter of cutting away code. However, more importantly, the 
numeric parsing must be fitting to the locale, so I'll fix that. I've 
also seen in the GtkSpinButton implementation that + and - signs are not 
universal, probably * and / too, that had to be corrected as well. 
Brackets too? Given the use case, the parser doesn't have to be 
extremely fast, so a dynamic comparison should be perfectly ok.

Furthermore, just to not throw everyone off again, the feature is 
regarding arithmetic. Not units. :) I see there's a close relationship, 
especially if you want to do conversions (e.g. 2mm + 4in). A little bit 
of dimension analysis won't hurt the user either. The discussion about 
units seems to be almost older than me (ok, not THAT old...) though, so 
I figured I'd go with what's there and not wait much longer, just do a 
little arithmetic.

Any thoughts?

Any pointers what to base a potential widget on is also greatly 
appreciated. I came down with gastroentritis last week, and it blossomed 
up a little bit yesterday too, so I haven't really gotten around to it yet.

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