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> As requested, I'm moving this discussion to the mailing list... for the
> history, see the bugzilla entry 76616.
> Just to get a few things straight, I've stumbled on the fact the you
> can't do simple arithmetic expressions in any widget whatsoever (most
> prominently, boundary measurements), and I figured, since this bug had
> been open since 2002, there probably wasn't much going on, so just to
> get the pot stirring a little I hacked together a little recursive
> descent parser / evaluator.


you may like to look at this bug I originally opened on gimp but later got  
transfered to gtk+ since that project controls the widget. I provided a  
patch but it's been dead in the water for over a year.

Even a trivial mod like that seems too much for gtk to deal with so you  
may need to consider the chances of adding the behaviour you want. That  
almost certainly means gimp will need to derive it's own replacement for  
spin widget which seems to be the direction you are heading anyway.

Assuming you can get acceptance of your idea, which seems like a very  
useful feature, you may like to consider the drag and drop angle as well.  
I patched gtk+ locally because it was a constant hindrance to just about  
everything I do with gimp.



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