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> As requested, I'm moving this discussion to the mailing list... 
> for the history, see the bugzilla entry 76616.

I don't have anything to say about how this should work, but
I'd like to make some suggestions about the approach to
development.  Mostly it should be possible to do this in a
modular way -- evaluating expressions doesn't really have 
anything to do with the details of size entries.  So I suggest 
your effort should go into writing a function that looks like

gchar *gimp_math_expr_parse (info, expression)

where "info" is a structure containing any information you 
need to do the parsing (resolution, image dimensions, whatever),
and "expression" is the string entered by the user.  The code
could go into new .c/.h files either in libgimpwidgets or perhaps

That way, the size entry code can simply call the function
to evaluate the string before using it.  It would perhaps be
possible to set up the infrastructure for this in the trunk
development branch, that is, to create the files and have
the size entry code call the evaluation function, but with the
function initially just returning "expression" unchanged.  If
it were done this way, it would be possible for you to work
without worrying much about changes in the size entry code --
which, as Sven has pointed out, needs improvement in
several respects.

Please don't take the details here too seriously.  The function
name and form were written on the fly, without any serious
thought.  The only real point is that the code should be 
factored.  (And if I'm saying things that you had already
planned to do, I apologize, but it didn't come through 

  -- Bill
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