we have a serious problem with the Print plug-in on the Windows
platform. See http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=480086
As it seems this is unlikely to ever get fixed in GTK+, so we should
consider to do something about it in our code, at least for GIMP 2.6.

The way that GTK+ Print is designed an application should provide two or
even three Print-related menu entries:

 Page Setup
 Print Preview

The Print Preview menu entry is optional as this functionality can also
be accessed from the Print dialog. Currently the Print plug-in also
provides a single menu entry "Print". The "Page Setup" functionality is
folded into the plug-in dialog. And this is what breaks on Windows. It
is probably also confusing for the users as they may be looking for the
"Page Setup" in the menus since they know this from other applications.

How can be solve this? Does it make sense to add "Page Setup" to the
Image->File menu? Won't this be too confusing as we also have
Image->Image->Print Size?


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