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> How can be solve this? Does it make sense to add "Page Setup" 
> to the Image-File menu? Won't this be too confusing as we also 
> have Image-Image-Print Size?

Yes, I think it should be added.  If we were starting from zero, I
would favor not having Image-Image-Print Size in the first place,
since it is often confusing to users all by itself.

There is also a case for adding "Print Preview" to the Image-File
menu.  Currently if you hit the Print Preview button in the Print
dialog, the preview appears and the dialog closes -- this behavior
is built into the GtkPrint system and can't be changed in Gimp.
With the button inside the Print dialog, the behavior is broken, 
but it would make more sense if Print Preview was a separate 
operation, as it is in most Windows apps.

The bottom line, I think, is the GtkPrint was built with a usage
model that Mathias won't compromise on, and any app that 
doesn't follow that model is going to have some brokenness.

  -- Bill
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