Prduct vision:

   - GIMP is Free Software;
      - No problems about that;
   - GIMP is a high-end photo manipulation application and supports
   creating original art from images;
      - Critical points:
         - Make a native support to up to 32 bit image (CMYK,
         - Improve GFig and paths to be a a minimal consistent
         vector solution to help a drawing (Not asking about a
Inkscape inside Gimp.
         Just the minimal support);
         - GIMP is a high-end application for producing icons,
   graphical elements of web pages and art for user interface elements;
      - Critical point:
         - The GFig again, it help so much in this vision topic;
         - GIMP is a platform for programming cutting-edge image
   processing algorithms, by scientists and artists;
      - I think python-fu and script-fu is going well, same as
      compiled plugins, since we have seen in the last months after
      2.4 release great plugins with some good features;
      - GIMP is user-configurable to automate repetitive tasks;
      - Well, here is a oppose of above. python-fu and script-fu is
      not so user-configurable. If the case is the automate repetitive
tasks, what
      about make a UI for the python-fu or script-fu and put some of
buttons and
      lists just to user choice? I'll make a example of this and put in UI
      discussion in i'ts blog;
      - GIMP is easily user-extendable, by 'one-click' installation of
      - Again same as above. Make a extension menu like Firefox is so
      great idea, again I'll look at UI's blog.

Well, why dont start to work with the visions? I see it's as a great idea.

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