I get the sensation that often most trivial solution are overlooked, only 
because are trivial, even if simple things often work better

Users, ( i state as users not as expert of usability) just are used to see 
graphic sw open with a image windows...i don't thing they will appreciate a 
special image windows with sliders or peculiar setting.

They will appreciate something trivial as gimp opening with a image windows, 
inside simply a new image,color white, type RGBA, of a default size (something 
as 600x600 should fit, aside to the toolbox in most of computer screen 
,included little as 800x600)

That and , for the first time only, a dialog popped up prompting

1 to accept that size
1 to reset that default size as from users wish


3 instead then a blank image start with the last image opened

And a short info at end of dialog....if the user want change again that 
default, he may do from Toolbox/preference.

That in my opinion and experience as users will solve at best

Honestly i can't image any advantage, or anything useful, or even "funny" in 
that proposed  additional Transparency slider .

On the contrary i see a related usability problem, if something as that will be 

Users will think that the slider effect may is also rendered in the saved image

More if they will forget to reset the slider, they will be easy misleaded.by a 
effect that is visible, but will be never rendered, (if not by a screenshoot)

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